Natural Growth is a forward thinking company, always seeking new ways to meet our customer's needs. It's our goal to provide high quality products and services; if you choose to purchase from Natural Growth, we want you to be confident in the value of the goods/services you receive. With that being said, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our ON SITE bagging services!  We can bag items such as sand, dirt, seed, mulch, you name it! Our GoBagger 250 is perfect for efficiently and safely bagging and sealing. Check out our demo videos below and let's get bagging!

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We are also thrilled to introduce our composted chicken litter, "Chicky Poo"! It is odorless and 100% natural. Observations have shown that chicken litter will detour worms due to the uric acid, amonia, and sulfur because it will burn them up. However, we have developed a method of removing all those harsh substances and the result is amazing, attracting worms and promoting lush growth. Give it a try today!

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