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 Compost Filter Socks

Soil Enhancing
•"Pachy Poo"•
Our compost filter socks contain our natural compost mixed with wood mulch and prohibit sediment and debris run-off. The hydrocarbons in the compost break down and neutralize contaminated run-off (gas, oil, acid, and other hazardous materials). The socks are photodegradable and have a life expectancy of 2 years at which time they break down and become a soil enhancer.

Multiple Colors and Various Sizes Available  (9'', 12'', and 18'')

 • Matting 

• Staples •



   The Garden Planter Sock material is photodegradeable (with a 3 year sustainable period). It also contains a percentage of worm castings which activates the microrganisms in the root system while increasing plant growth and production. A balanced combination of worm castings and exotic animal manures create a powerful soil builder and a nutritious plant food. Just place the sock down in the desired location, cut small openings in the material large enough for your seeds or transplants, plant directly into the planter, water, and watch your plants grow! *no ground breaking, weeding, or tillage required*

Multiple Colors and Various Sizes Available

*Soil Amendment for plants, flowers, and gardens*

 Benefits of worm castings include: increased vitality, activation of microorganisms in the root system, and longer nutrient life. Worm castings serve as an organic fertilizer thus creating faster and greater growth.

 Garden Planter Sock 

 Our 100% natural Pachy Poo is made from exotic animal waste collected from elephants and other herbivorous animals. The compost goes through a 90 day composting cycle; resulting in the desolation of pathogens and other inorganic substances. Our compost not only enhances tremendous growth but also replenishes the vitamins and minerals that have been depleted from the soil. We offer our compost boxed, bagged, and in bulk.

Filter Socks

Our filter socks, which include a wood mulch median, are 3 dimensional and serve as permeable barriers, allowing water to pass through while retaining the sediment and other pollutants. They are an excellent alternative for silt fence based on the disciplined area.

Multiple Colors and Various Sizes Available: (9'', 12'', and 18'')

*self contained organic compost growing mix*

Staples Available

•Worm Castings•

We have a selection of different types of matting (specializing in coconut/ straw) matting

• Silt Fence •

We are now offering another dimension of erosion control. Natural Growth, Inc. will be marketing and installing the various types of silt fencing. Mr. Seabolt is certified through the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Committee which qualifies our company to perform inspections for erosion control purposes

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